America’s Most Secured Prison, ADX Supermax, Florence, Colorado

adx                                                                                     (Photo: Google)

When it comes to prisons and prison security nothing in the world compares to ADX Supermax, Florence, Colorado. ADX houses America’s and some of the world’s most dangerous inmates. Once inside ADX there is no possible way of escape. The reason behind ADX was due to 2 incidents that happened in 1983 in Marion, Illinois. In two separate incidents inmates Thomas Silverstein and  Clayton Fountain both stabbed to death Correction Officers Merle Clutts and Robert Hoffman. After the deaths of the Correction Officers the United States Department of Justice made a decision to build ADX which stands for Administrative Maximum Facility and was made at the cost of $60 million dollars.

ADX Supermax is not like any other prison,if an inmate is sentenced to life or death, once locked away that’s it. You are given a tiny cell with nothing more than a bed, desk and stool,( all made out of cement), shower, toilet and a small window that allows some natural light in and lets the prisoners somewhat able to look at the sky. Most inmates do have a small television in their room that plays religious or educational programs. The entire room is made out thick slabs of cement and the room only one door in or out the cell and is also secured by have 3 separate doors. There is a one solid then a door then  another made out of bars, then one more solid door that guards can access. The inmates once in their cell have no communication with other inmates or the outside world. The only human contact they come in to is with the guards who only drop their food off, maybe the doctors or warden if needed. They are allowed to speak to their attorneys but that is monitored and still considered privileged and private between lawyer and client.

Any privilege that an inmate gets like calling family members, visitors and even receiving and writing letters are not up to the Warden or the guards of the prison its up the United States Department of Justice what the inmates are allowed to do. Inmates are lucky if they ever receive any letters and all mail is monitored and also read. Inmates are kept in solitary confinement the entire length of their sentence in ADX.They are locked in the cell 24 hours a day seven days a weeks, if they are lucky they get maybe 3-4 hours a week alone outside in another cage. Many prisons end up with mental illness and their psychological well being from their time alone with no real human contact starts to deteriorate. Keeping an inmate in isolation indefinitely breaches international standards for humane treatment.  Amnesty International have made several attempts to have conditions inside the prison improved for inmates to no avail in a report published by 2015 Amnesty International,” REPORT Entombed: Isolation in the US Federal Prison System.” No one is questioning that there needs to be safety measures with the criminals its about the conditions and treatment of the inmates that is a concern.

Along all the hallways ADX Supermax is lined on the inside with thousands of cameras everywhere throughout the facilities every few feet. The inmates are escorted by multiple Correction Officers when walking anywhere in the prison. The prisoners are kept in shackles and chains from their hands, waist and feet, making movement more difficult for the inmates. They are under lock and key at all times. When prisoners are allowed visitors they remain in shackles and behind unbreakable glass and have to use a phone so that guards may listen in on what’s being said between both parties. Inmates are very lucky if they are allowed any visitors at all.

ADX has about 450 beds and the inmates are housed in different areas or wings of the prison based on the types of crimes they have committed. American terrorists, Islamic terrorists, spies, mafia hit men, aryrian nation members and prisoners that are deemed too dangerous for other maximum security prisons have their own areas that they are kept in. The inmates in each wing do not stay in their own cells either, at least once a week the inmates have to switch rooms in their wings, It is so that they do not ever feel comfortable and have a feeling that it’s their room and also prevents inmates long term to try any attempt of escape.

When it comes to any types of escape there really isn’t any, except for death. ADX sits on 600 acres of land that surround the facility high on top of a mountain with beautiful views surrounding it. All around  ADX are fences filled row after row of razors including all over the top of the recreations areas, so prisoners can’t get out by any means or anyone could get in. Guard towers line ADX and with high assault weapons and have no fear of shooting anyone. Black hawk helicopters patrol over the prison all hours of the day and night, checking on the grounds at all times. The prison itself  is estimated to be  37-acres big.

Since ADX has opened in 1994, 7 prisoners have committed suicide in their cells. One inmate also mutilated himself in his cell, eating  parts of his own body from losing his mind from being in consistent isolation. Under the Eighth Amendment, “no person should receive any cruel and unusual punishment. ” A lawsuit was filed on behalf of some of the inmates in 2012 by Arnold & Porter and the Washington Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights and Urban Affairs, reported by ANDREW COHEN, “ Supermax: The Faces of a Prison’s Mentally Ill,” The Atlantic, JUN 19, 2012.

Also in February 2014  The Senate Judiciary Subcommittee held a hearing on solitary confinement. Chairman Dick Durbin stated  The fact that “the United States holds more prisoners in solitary confinement than any other Democratic nation” is a “human rights issue that we cannot ignore,” the Illinois Democrat said. He quoted Anthony Graves, a Texas death row exoneree who testified at the first Senate hearing on solitary 2012: “‘No one can begin to imagine the psychological effects isolation has on another human being. Solitary confinement does one thing: It breaks a man’s will to live.’” In his seven years as chair of the subcommittee, Durbin declared, “I cannot remember more compelling testimony.” Durbin also continued to state “Make no mistake…Some dangerous inmates must be held in segregated confinement,”  written by Jean Casella, Way Down in the Hole: Senate Hearing Challenges Solitary Confinement for Some, But Not All, March 5, 2014.

“This place is not designed for humanity,” Robert Hood, the warden from 2002 to 2005, told the Times. He also described the facility as a “cleaner version of hell” to “60 Minutes” back in 2007, CHRISTINA STERBENZ, Business Insider, Mar. 31, 2015. The thought of being sentenced to ADX Supermax, Florence, Colorado is mind boggling just as mind boggling as the crimes and behaviors that got the inmates in there in the first place. There is no doubt that these inmates should  punished. When we think of the actual crimes these individuals were accused of and sentence for they never once thought of anybody elses well being nor did they care when they committed these crimes.The question is why should we care? It would be very easy not to care but if we do not show some humanity ourselves in some ways we are no better. Considering the system at ADX is the most secure prison in the United States having some contact with the outside world wouldn’t hurt as in receiving and sending letters and being allowed to have visitors a few times a year instead of a visit every few years.

The list of some of the inmates incarcerated at ADX include:
Gary Leon Ridgway – The Green River Killer
Ramzi Youself – Mastermind of 1993 WTC bombing
Theodore John Kaczynski – The Unabomber
Salvatore Gravano – Sammy “The Bull” Gravano
Zacarias Moussaoui – Terrorist- Would-be al Qaeda hijacker
Matthew F. Hale – White supremacist
John Phillip Walker Lindh – The American Taliban
Robert Philip Hanssen – Russian mole inside the FBI
Larry Hoover –  Gangster Disciples
Richard Colvin Reid – Shoe bomber
Terry Lynn Nichols – Oklahoma City Bombing
Eric Robert Rudolph – White supremacist, Olympic Park Bomber
Omar Ahmad Ali Abdel-Rahman – The Blind Sheikh
Dzhokhar Tsarnaev – Boston Marathon bomber


Texas Teen Found Guilty Of Capital Murder Get Life In Prison

Houston-Texas-map                                                                            (Photo: Google)

Victor Alias, 16 has been found guilty of capital murder for the brutal death of 15 year old Corriann Cervantes and was sentenced to life. Corriann Cervantes had been Alias classmate and friend. Cervantes being their friend went with the boys to hang out not thinking anything about it. Victor Alias, and his friend Jose Reyes, now 18 yrs lured Corriann into an abandoned building telling her they were going to smoke some weed, that’s the last thing that happened that day.

Corriann entered the building with them and the boys wanted to have sex with her. Both boys attacked her instead.Victor Alias started strangling her with his belt, and Corriann fought for her life the best that she could. As Corriann Cervantes was being choked  Victor Alias decided to grab the toilet tank lid made out of porcelain and proceeded to break it over her head and face. That was just the start of brutal beating Corriann Cervantes endured.

As Corriann fought them both Alias and Reyes she scratched and bit one of them. That infuriated the two more and they began stabbing her with a tool more than 60 times , then they took and used a curtain rod to take her eyes out of her head and carved and upside down cross on her body.  Corriann Cervantes died from the injuries she received in that building. After Coriann died Alias and Reyes then raped the poor girl and left her there. Corriann Cervantes  was found after she had been reported missing by someone who knew her. She was so badly beat that her friend didn’t know it was her at first until they noticed the clothes she had been wearing the last time she had been seen.

Reyes claimed that he sold his soul to Satan and sold Alias soul to and that Satan told him they had to kill Corriann Cervantes he told authorities. Victor Alias, believed Reyes and went along with it. Assistant Harris County District Attorney John Jordan stated “During the course of events, this teenager screamed, ‘Why are you doing this to me?’ and attempted to run from the apartment,” “They stopped her and this became a kidnapping and eventually she was killed,” Brian Rogers, Houston Chronicle, 2/11/14.

Corriann Cervantes was a bright young 15 yr old girl whose life was recklessly taken away from her. Corriann’s father, Cory Cervantes, has described her as having a big heart, and loved photography. She will be greatly missed by her family and friends.

Victor Alias showed no remorse for killing Corriann Cervantes from the time of his arrest to to his sentencing. He will spend the rest of his life behind bars in a Texas prison.


Buddhist Monk Bruttally Stabbed In California Monastery                                                                     (Photo: Google)

A Buddhist Leader, 66, is in critical condition after being brutally attacked and stabbed in an East Oakland, California Cambodian monastery by another monk. The incident occurred at the Branch of International Community of Khmer Buddhist Monks Center where the Buddhist Leader resided over the last 10 years. Members of the monastery walked in during the attack and tried to help stop it.

The suspect is a 30 yr old monk who had also been living at the monastery for about a year, not to much information has been released on him . He attacked the leader armed in both hands with knifes. He slashed the Buddhist Leaders head and face and repeatedly stabbed him. Witness Monk Chundoeun Phin said, “ “He was attacking him with two butcher knives, just chopping him up,” according to a report from CBS SF BAY, June 17, 2015. The Leaders face was completely slashed up. Everyone at the monastery is in shock over the attack and do not know why the attacked happened.The suspect fled the scene of the crime and police are still searching for the suspect.

The Buddhist religion has been around for 2,600 year and was founded by Siddhartha Gautama. Buddha means “the enlightened one.” Buddhist believe cause-and-effect chain is reflected in the endless cycles of life, death and rebirth. Buddhism believes in reincarnation (rebirth). The ultimate goal of a Buddhist is to reach the state of enlightenment (Nirvana) and liberate oneself from endless reincarnation and suffering. Some see Buddhism as a religion, others see it is a philosophy, and others think it is a way of finding reality, Thich Nhat Hanh, Path White Clouds|Old Path White Clouds. They also believe in Karma in other words, “What you do to someone else else will come to you at some point of life, good, bad or indifferent, sometimes fast, sometimes when you least expect it.

Many people think that the Buddhist faith is peaceful. Buddhism has had its share of violence, there’s a recorded history throughout the last 1,600 years. Buddhists have felt that they have had justification for times of violence like in recent times in Burma. Since June 2012 also most 60 million people in  Myanmar have been affected by Buddhist violence. Buddhists have been massacring Muslims at a very high rate in the last few years. Many people are trying to flee from Myanmar.

Thich Nhat Hanh, Path White Clouds|Old Path White Clouds
Buddhist Warfare by Michael Jerryson and Mark Juergensmeyer / Oxford University Press 2010, p.226 ISBN 978-0-19-539484-9

Man Meets 14 Yr Old From Facebook, Rapes Her and She Commits Suicide

pol                                                                             (Photo: Google)

A 14 yr old girl was raped and jumped in front of train killing herself after meeting a 40 yr. old man from Facebook. Anaid Tutghushyan, Gdańsk Orunia, Poland, met Krystian W. 40, and they began speaking to each other on Facebook.The two had been talking to each other awhile online and Anaid assumed that Krystian W. was being honest with her.

When Anaid Tutghushyan met Krystian W. 40, on Facebook where is he was claiming to be 25 yrs old to her. Anaid also said she was 17 yrs old on the social network but that didn’t deter Krystian W. from wanting to meet an underage girl. Anaid had grown to trust him online and agreed to met with him.

After Anaid and Krystian he raped her that night and let her go. Anaid Tutghushyan did not report what happened to her to the local police. Instead the young girl called her friend crying telling her what had happened and that Krystian had raped her, then she hung up the phone. Anaid’s friend tried calling her back but she didn’t answer the calls. It would the last time 14 yr old Anaid Tutghushyan used her cell phone and talked to anyone ever again.

The next place anyone saw Anaid Tutghushyan was at the Gdansk Train Station in Poland sitting on bench according to witness accounts and that she was crying. Next thing before anyone could react Anaid stood up and walked to the platform where a train was coming in and jumped in front of it killing herself instantly. There was nothing anyone could do to save her according to a published report in Leggo, by Michael Leidig, June 16, 2015.

Krystian W. is no stranger to Facebook and police are looking into other activities he might of been into on the social network. Krystian might of been using the platform to met other young girls besides Anaid Tutghushyan and possibly that he raped 2 other young girls, several other complaints have been filed against Krystian W.

Joanna Thushyan, mother of  Anaid Tutghushyan is grieving over her daughter and can’t understand how any of this happened or that her daughter would ever contemplate suicide. Joanna Tutghushyan wont rest till she as answers to what happened to her daughter that night and till justice is served against Joanna Tutghushyan in a report in ,” 14-year-old from Gdansk killed herself because she was raped,”  15/06/2015.  40 yr old  Krystian hit on girls between the ages of 14-16 yrs old in the past and the Thushyan Family wants him stopped so he can’t hurt anyone else again.

Meeting anyone on any social media you need to be aware and remember that you really do not know the other person. If you do decide to met up with each, do so in a public place and don’t go home or leave with them till you have a chance to really know the other person. Tell someone that you are meeting the other person and where you will be so that someone is aware of your whereabouts. People need to also remember that when you’re online you do not know whose the other person behind the screen. Many people for some reason lie about their names, who they are, ages, relationship status, jobs and where they live to name a few. Granted on social media like Facebook not everyone lies but you have to be careful so that what happened to Anaid Tutghushyan doesn’t happen again to anyone.


Child Nigeria Bride Kills Husband and Three Others, Death Sentence Overturned

forced                                                                                              (Photo: Google)

Wasilat Tasi’u, 14, a child bride has been spared the death penalty and her sentence has been overturned to a juvenile detention in Nigeria. Wasilat Tasi’u was sentenced for killing her Muslim husband and feeding her husband, Umar Sani, 35, rat poison and killing him and three others just two weeks after being forced into marriage and had been sentenced to die. The meal that Wasilat Tasi’u made not only killed her husband but three other people who also ate the same meal.

Wasilat Tasi’u in April 2014 was only 13 years old and was forced to marry Umar Sani. Wasilat Tasi’u did not want to marry Umar Sani and become his second wife. On the night of her wedding, Hussaina Ibrahim, a senior lawyer at the Kano branch of the International Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA) says Tasi’u told her she was taken at night to Sani’s house, where he proceeded to tie her to his bed and rape her. She was not freed until the following morning, published in the The Guardian. Wasilat Tasi’u over the next few days thought of a plan and sent her younger sister(7) to a store to the purchase rat poison. Then over the next few days Wasilat Tasi’u cooked meals for her husband who then also shared it with some of his neighbors. One person thought the food tasted funny and stopped eating it while Umar Sani continued to eat it. Umar Sani went into convulsions and died at home in front of his first wife Ramatu. Wasilat Tasi’u admitted to police that she had fed him rat poison in his food.

“She was married to a man that she didn’t love. She protested but her parents forced her to marry him,” Zubeida Nagee, a women’s rights activist in Khano. told AP. Nagee and other activists have written a letter of protest to the Kano state Deputy governor. According to an article in The Word Post, “ Wasilat Tasi’u 14-Year-Old Nigerian Girl, Sentenced To Death For Murdering Husband,” by Ibrahim Garba and Chika Oduah, 11/27/14. Tasi’u was a victim of systemic abuse endured by millions of girls in the region. Activists say the blend of traditional customs, Islamic Law, and Nigeria’s constitutional laws poses a challenge when advocating for the rights of young girls in Nigeria.”

Wasilat Tasi’u is from a very poor and deeply conservative Muslim family who live in northern Nigeria, where child marriage and polygamy are widespread. Tasi’u was never given the opportunity learn to read and write. Wasilat Tasi’u is a child who has grown never been able to attend any school and has been denied many things that other children around the world are granted. Wasilat Tasi’u and million of other young girls should never been put into that position being denied an education and being forced into any marriage at any age.

Young girls that are denied an education and forced into early marriage are sentenced to years of abuse. They are not able to escape or support themselves or the child that they may have had. Poverty continues and more children are bound to follow the same foot steps as their parents. According to a report in ICRW International Center for Research on Women, “Girls younger than 15 are five times more likely to die in childbirth than women in their 20s. Pregnancy is consistently among the leading causes of death for girls ages 15 to 19 worldwide. Child brides face a higher risk of contracting HIV because they often marry an older man with more sexual experience. Girls ages 15 – 19 are 2 to 6 times more likely to contract HIV than boys of the same age in sub-Saharan Africa.”

Wasilat Tasi’u sentence being overturned is a victory in itself for her. There is another Maimuna Abdulmumini 22, who was also 13 yr old when she she set her then husband on fire and was sentenced to death in December 2012 in Nigeria. Abdulmumini sentence has not been overturned at this time and she continues to wait execution despite help from Amnesty International for the last 5 years. The clock for her is starting to run out.

Nigeria has an obligation to educate the youth of their country as do many other countries. They need to protect their children from arranged marriages and protect their young girls from becoming child brides. If education is supplied to these young developing minds they would be capable of making improvements in their communities and for their families for generations to come.

Every child is entitled to be just children. Childhood is a time for learning and playing, a time of innocence. Without this time a child will not learn the proper coping skills for adulthood when needed. All children also need to be able to learn to read and write first long before any thoughts of marriage come to mind. The parents of these children think that they have no other choice other than getting rid of their daughters and that is far from the truth. They should be encouraging education and providing love ,support and safety to their children so that have the best childhood possible and one day when they are old enough can get good paying jobs and help improve things a lot better for themselves and their families.


England’s Dog Walker Killer

dogwalker                                                                                                (Photo: Google)

It all began 18 years ago, November 1997, along a country lane when 14 year old Kate Bushell, from Exwick, Exeter, England went to walk her neighbor’s dog and disappeared. Kates parents began to worry a short time later when she didn’t return home within a few hours. It wasn’t like Kate to be gone too long without telling her parents. Her parents called the police and a search party was quickly formed. A short time later her father along with the police found Kate’s body laying on the ground with her throat slit. No one heard or saw anything at the time of her murder but some did say they thought they say a man leaving the area. There were no leads either to trace who the killer was. The only witness to the crime was the dog that she had been walking.

Then in 1998 two more women were murdered. In July, Julia Webb, 52, Northwich, England was walking her dog when someone approached her and bludgeoned her to death. Julia had taken her dog for a walk as she usually had done. Some time later Julia Webb’s family also started to become considered about where Julia could be. Julia’s son decided to take his bike and and ride around the neighborhood looking for his mother. Julia’s son found her body along an area with bushes. Once again the police had no leads on Julia’s death. Some people reported that on the day of Julia’s murder there had been a bearded man in the area who had a cane. According to reports from the BBC’s “Crimewatch” which aired on television and published in the “Chester Chronicle,” a few days after Julia Webb was murdered a woman had tried calling the local police, saying that she had seen Julia the day she was killed but she kept getting disconnected on the telephone. She never called back the police department with any more information. The police were baffled as to who could of done this.

A few months later in October 1998, Lyn Bryant, 41, Cornwall, England decided to also take her dog for a walk on a country lane just like the other women had previously done. Lyn Bryant met her fate that day. Lyn Bryant was found brutally stabbed to death. This time the thing that was missing from Lyn were her eyeglasses and no clues were left at the scene of the crime once again. Time went by nothing more about Lyn’s murder happened until about 6 months later at the spot where Lyn Bryant was found dead, a pair of eyeglasses were just laying there. The eyeglasses just happened to be Lyn’s that had been missing at the time of murder. Police had gone over the area with fine tooth comb at the time of her death and nothing was there. Which means the only way the eyeglasses returned there was that someone placed them there or did the murderer possibly return to the scene of the crime. It left even more unanswered questions.

Then in 2000, Carmen Boxwell, 46,Devon, England, went out to walk her dog as she always did down by the creek where she lived. She noticed a blue car she didn’t recognize and continued to walk her dog according to an article, “Stalker may be double murderer,” written by By Michael Smith, The Telegraph, 04 Jul 2000. As Carmen Boxell kept walking a man got out the car and started walking toward her with what she thought was a knife in his hand. Carmen Boxwell credits her dog with saving her life that day. Boxwell feels with the way her dog reacted that the man got scared away and ran back to his car and drove away. carmen Boswell reported the incident to the police as soon as possible and a giant man hunt got underway. Once again the ‘’ Dog Walker Killer “ eluded the police.

The next 13 years remained quiet until 2013 when Jean Campbell, 53, Glasgow, U.K was found strangled to death when she also didn’t come home from walking their dog by her husband. When Mr. Campbell returned home from work his wife and dog weren’t home, they lived across the street from a park where it wasn’t unusual that they would walk their dog. Mr. Campbell decided to take a walk in the park in the hopes of meeting up with his wife. To his horror he found his wife laying on the ground in the park, Jean Campbell had been strangled to death with the dog leash she had been using to walk their dog. Once again no one had seen anything that had happened.

In all four killings no one has come forward with any information on the deaths of these women. Could it be someone who lived in these communities at the time of their deaths or was it a someone passing by through these towns. Is Carmen Boxwell the only survivor and only witness to who the killer possibly is ?

In the case of Jean Campbell the police did arrest suspect Paul Ward, 21, and in Feb, 2015 but he was deemed unfit for trial and seems an unlikely suspect in the killings. He was also way too young to be invoked in the other killings. Ward, is being currently held at State Hospital at Carstairs and has been diagnosed psychotic. Paul Ward has denied having anything to do with Jean Campbell’s murder.

In 18 years an unknown possible serial killer has gotten away with murder. He has attacked at all different periods of the day, women of all ages and women who also have looked different. All the women were walking their dogs, all the dogs were of different breeds, they were all murdered in a close proximity to their their homes and the dogs were not stolen. What could the motivation behind their deaths be.

All the families have made numerous pleas to the public for any information on who the “Dog Walker Killer” can be and the capture of this person before he strikes again. Many people walk their dogs everyday, it’s a part of owning a dog. Until the killer is caught take extra caution when you’re out walking alone. Pay attention to everything around you. The killer might approach people striking up a conversation about the dogs they are walking, trying to make the person feel comfortable. The Dog Walker Killer could also be known in the area where the attacks have occurred being someone that also knew the victims. Until the murder is caught no one knows. It’s to believe in small towns that no one would not know something. All the cases continue to be remain open and the police continue to look for anything that could lead to arrest of the Dog Walker Killer before he strikes again.


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Arab World Being Sold Contaminated Fish

basi                                                                                (Photo: Kinh Luan)

Arab Nations in the Middle East are receiving contaminated fish, that other countries banned the import of. High levels of cancer causing agents have been found in the fish due to the conditions of how the fish are being raised in Argentina, Brazil, China, and Vietnam. Conditions in these countries waterways are completely polluted, they are filled with human waste, and high levels of carcinogens which cause cancer that no living being should be exposed to or even eating any of it.

The waterways in China, Brazil,Vietnam and Argentina have been nothing but a garbage dump for many years. Industrial factories have used the waterways and released massive amounts of chemicals into the water. People in these countries also live along the waterways and have no real sewer systems or treatment plants to help stop the pollution and contamination. The people in these area’s are very poor and have been unaware what all this has been creating. High rates of cancers have been reported.

An example of this is in Vietnam. According to an article published in, “ Thanh Nien News”, “Polluted water blamed for ‘cancer villages’ in Vietnam,,” February 02, 2015. The Vietnam Natural Resources and Environment stated that according to a study by the environment ministry, in these 37 “cancer villages”, a total of 1,136 people died from cancer in the past 20 years. Thach Khe in Phu Tho Province had 139 cancer-related deaths. One of the researchers, said 814 water samples collected at these villages were seriously contaminated with bacteria. They also contained traces of various chemicals and contaminants, including iron, aluminum, cadmium, benzene and arsenic. Polluted elements have been found in both ground and underground water sources, he said.

One of the popular fish Vietnam exports is Basa fish which is a form of catfish. and has become a growing favorite world wide. Its gained popularity because it is a fast growing fresh-water fish and produces large white fillets with no bones. Basa fish is easy to raise and has become a multi-billion dollar industry. These fish flourish along the The Mekong River and are bottom dwellers. Along this waterways factories have release unfiltered water filled with chemicals and metals. The villages along these areas also do not have any real sewer or garbage disposal system. The people in these areas throw garbage and human waste in the water. They bath, drink and eat from the polluted water and also have been exposed to high levels of carcinogens and they show higher rates of cancer and incredible diseases.

Argentina, Brazil, China, have also reported increases in cancer, illness and death. In an article written by Avi Ebenstein, who also conducted studies in China, published in the University of Berkeley, Institutions and Governance Program, 2008. Ebenstein stated, “China’s cancer rate has also increased in recent years, and digestive cancers (i.e. stomach, liver, esophageal) now account for 11 percent of fatalities (WHO 2002) and nearly one million deaths annually.” Also studies conducted in Argentina showed extremely high levels of arsenic and other chemicals in the water and are also blamed for cancer in people, “ Lung and kidney cancer mortality associated with arsenic in drinking water in Córdoba, Argentina,”1998 Aug;27(4):561-9, US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health. Reports also from Brazil that drinking water is to be blamed for increases of illnesses, cancer and infections due fecal matter and chemicals they are exposed to every day, J Water Health. Author manuscript; available in PMC 2010 May 2. Published in final edited form as: J Water Health. 2009 Jun; 7(2),

All of these countries deal with importing fish to other countries, it is a major part of their livelihood. and income. Fisheries use unfiltered water when breeding and raising all types of fish and shellfish. These fish are exposed to chemicals and continue to contain poisons even after cooking. Countries around the world have banned the import and sales of these fishes and marked them not suitable for human or animal consumption. The United States and EU have banned the sale for these fishes to their citizens due to the high levels of contaminants.

Jordanian lawyer Tareq Abu Al Ragheb conducted his own study on fish being sold by markets and restaurants. He conducted a major study and has documents claims a report in Alrai newspaper. May, 2015, which is an Arabic daily newspaper in Jordan. Tareq Abu Al Ragheb stated, ” ratios exceed the 80% of bad food being sold to the Arab Nations. Tareq Abu Al Ragheb has said that his findings of this study also showed higher cancer increases showing up in the Arab Nations now, he blames this on the food that is being shipping to the all the Arab countries. Arabs are coming down with certain forms of cancers that are being blamed for in the countries selling the fish. Tareq Abu Al Ragheb as been trying to inform the governments and citizens of this growing issue around the Arab world.

Importing fish to The Arab Nations is in high demand. Many fisheries have been developed in the Arab Nations but with population increases it does not cover the extent that is needed. Argentina, Brazil, China, and Vietnam have made very slow attempts to clear their waterways. It will take years to get the water back to the way it should be in these countries. Education, filtering systems and clean up plans need to implemented and maintained in these areas. The health of many people are at stake and future generations to come.


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Formaldehyde Detected in Supermarket Fish Imported from Asia, 1 in 4 sampled fish contaminated, BY JAMES ANDREWS | SEPTEMBER 11, 2013

Vietnam seafood exports to Egypt surpass $57 million

By SeafoodSource staff, Published on Thursday, November 20, 2014 Detected in Supermarket Fish Imported from Asia, 1 in 4 sampled fish contaminated, BY JAMES ANDREWS | SEPTEMBER 11, 2013
Vietnam seafood exports to Egypt surpass $57 million
By SeafoodSource staff, Published on Thursday, November 20, 2014

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