To Die Or Not .Death Row Inmate Gets International Attention

Well it seems Connecticut’s Death Penalty is starting to get International renegotiation on a case that started in September 2006 when two adults and a 9 year old little girl were shot down in the city streets of Bridgeport .

Richard Roszkowski shot Holly Flannery his ex girlfriend and her friend Thomas Gaudet in the head .Holly’s 9 year old daughter Kylie was there and saw her mom get killed . She started to run down the street and Roszkowski ran after her opening fire .As she fell to the sidewalk from her injuries he walked up to her looked her in the face and shot her in her head .Kylie was shot a totally of three times .

Richard Roszkowski was sentenced 2009 and received the death penalty for the actions he did that morning back in 2006 .Due to a glitch during his trail he was able to get a new penalty phase which is set to begin Jan. 7 2014.But since his sentencing a few things in Connecticut have changed .                                                                                                                                                           Last year year Connecticut became the 17th state to abolished the  death penalty .As of today there are 11 people sitting on Connecticut’s Death Row who committed the most  horrendous crimes.These 11 men were grandfathered in under the laws at the time of their crimes , they are all facing execution even though its not instated at this time including Roszkowski .Many thought it was retribution for two inmates who committed a brutal home invasion and triple murder that happened here in Connecticut in 2007 .

The President of Poland Bronisław Komorowski is now is challenging Connecticut’s death penalty and brought it into international debate, in regards to Roskowski. Richard Roszkowski was born in the United States and is a U.S citizen.The only reason why the president of Poland got involved is because Roszkowsk parents immigrated to U.S before he was born.Many of us here in the U.S had families that immigrated to this country.President Komorowski feels that his sentence to be commuted to life in prison .Poland abolished the death penalty in 1998  and considers Roskowski a nationalist .

Before and after his his sentencing and in between his hearings Roskowski was put in a State Mental Hospital to determine his stability .He was deemed too dangerous for the state’s maximum security mental hospital in 2011 and was transferred back into a high maximum security prison instead .He was found competent to stand trail.

This is the second time that there has been a glitch in Connecticut’s death sentence trails .Russel Peeler also was retried earlier this year due to the courts errors . Russel Peeler was found guilty again was placed back on death row .

Many people have an issue with the death penalty  in general for many reason .I’m not here to debate that issue right now .The only thing that Roskowski is doing now is trying to get out his sentence .He showed no mercy to a little girl .her mother ,and their friend that  day .Now he’s afraid ,he should of thought of that that morning .

Daily Prompt: Safety First / The Home Invasion

One of the scariest days that I can remember was the Home Invasion we experienced . It happened 3 years ago this month as a matter of fact .I live in an apartment building so people coming in and out wasn’t uncommon at the time . night it was different thou .

That night I had my kids and and my sons girlfriend at the time here . Around 10 pm there was a knock at the door . My sons girlfriend went to the door and opened it slightly to see who it was . She honestly forgot to check thorough the beep hole in the door . As she opened the door a man pushed her out the way and gained entrance into my house . He was shouting at us and the kids started to scream .He didn’t know that my oldest son was in the other bedroom down the hall ,he came out the room and down the hall to see why all the kids and us were screaming to.

As the guy went down the hall my son saw him and jumped onto the guy and started swinging . We did not know at the time the guy had a weapon in his hand and was swinging it trying to stab my son ,or whoever got in the way . My son manged to knock the blade out of his hand and it went flying across the room .we were screaming to the kids to stay back in their rooms and shut the door .My son kept swinging and had him a head lock .He manged to get out of the hold and ran toward the kitchen .

Next thing the guy grabbed my kitchen at went at me . I remember seeing him coming at me and him taking the chair and bashing me in the head with it . I wasn’t knocked out but he hit me more then 5 times with it ,like you see on wrestling .I don’t remember to much what happened next . All I know is my son had the guys knife and chased him holding the chair out the apartment . The guy took off.Thank God

Lucky no one was hurt expect for me . I had one nasty bump on the back of head that hurt for weeks after all this . The guy who did this wasn’t caught right way . About 2 weeks later he came back and went upstairs . I didn’t know I was going out and opened my door and there he was running down the stairs and i heard screaming upstairs.I ran up the stairs after he left to see what happened . he had done the same thing upstairs except this time he stabbed someone 9 times with an ice pick .Police and paramedics arrived 123 . My neighbor was in the hospital a few days he was very lucky he had just missed the heart but hit a lung .It could of been a lot worse.

The guy went by the name of Woody we found out . He was now wanted by the police . None of us were pleased at all that he was running around on the streets and not knowing where he was .No one was sure if he would just show up either . About two weeks later we found out Woody was in police custody police in a different town .He was charged with attempted and murder and a few other things . Hes in a state mental hospital now .Where he will be a long time .

Its hard to explain the feeling of going through it all at the time . It makes you more alert of everything around you .I do wish the whole thing had never happened but it did and luckily it wasn’t worse. What counts is everything turned out ok and Woody cant hurt no one again .

20 Ways On How Not To Pick-Up Women

I decided to write this because it seems that some guys need need help in this area .I hope it will help some of you out .
1) Don’t call us names .We don’t like being insulted .

2)Staring we don’t mind but don’t grope at us .

3) Touching our asses when you first met us .Just because you might like it .Keep your hands off till we say its ok .

4) Telling us you love us 123 . Be real on that love takes time .

5) Honking at us crossing the street or standing for a bus .

6) Calling us all day and night ,We don’t like that .Do you ?

7) Talking about us behind our backs and then talking to us thinking you’ll get somewhere.

8) Sending us nude photos and asking us if we like it . That is not what women are attracted to.That means you’d just whip it out anywhere .

9) Having your friends speak for you .Speak for yourselves .

10) Don’t agree with everything we say .We enjoy hearing from you and like to know how you think .

11) When speaking to us don’t try and pick someone else , by staring or going behind our backs

12) Lying to us about being something your not .

13) Harassing us to get us to speak to you .

14) Talking about your ex . We don’t like being compared we are not them.We all have pasts .

15) Using old pick up lines .Come on now .

16) Using kids or animals to get to us .

17) Taking advantage of us.

18) Talking about your ex . We don’t like being compared we are not them.We all have pasts .


Ignoring us.

Being a jerk.

Urban Legends and Odd Places in Connecticut

Many people are unaware that Connecticut is the 4th smallest state in the u.s.a It was founded in in the mid 1600s . Connecticut has played an important part of a u.s history and also has a lot of strange things that has happened that also have become part of fork lore and urban legends that continues to this day .

One of the first things you hear about growing up here is The Legend of the Melon Heads. There are a few different versions of the story ,but the main one is ,that there was a mental hospital that burned down . Records do show that there was a fire and most people burned to death but some of the patents escaped into the woods and were never found again .It goes without saying that as they continued to live in the woods that they started to breed .
     The children were supposedly born deformed with giant shaped heads .They are said to come out at night and hide in the shadows and in some cases take victims away. There have been many reports over the years of people claiming to see them but there has never been any proof of their existence except for the fire .To this day many people will drive down the roads where they have claimed to be seen and shut off their head lights in hopes of them coming out of hiding and seeing them .

Another strange story that comes out of Middlebury, is The Village of the Little People .Its hidden in the woods next to the remains of whats left of an old house .Its considered on of the creepiest places in the State .The Village of the Little People is a mini town made up of little houses around the size of doll houses .
According to legend there are two stories regarding this over a hundred years ago there was a married couple who lived there .The mans wife was a witch and she claimed that there were fairies all around and that they needed homes ,so he built theses mini houses for them down to details and including thrones . The other story is that a man lived alone and started hearing voices of the little people who told him to build the village . After years of working on the village the man plunged into madness.
People claim that it is haunted by the spirits of the Little People .People who have visited the place say that there is a feeling of dread there .

Now moving onto Charles Island which is off the coast of Milford.According to legend there is a buried treasure on the island ,dating back to Captain Kidd in 1699 on his last voyage .The says that he hid part of his treasure somewhere on the island before he went to Boston for trail .They say that Captain Kidd placed a curse on the island to anyone who found his treasure .To this day no one has found his treasure ,but some say the island is haunted.You can visit the island but you have to watch tide times so that you don’t get trapped on by the high tides on the island .

Connecticut also has an other island off its shores.Top secret and high security .Plum Island for those who don’t know Plum Island is and was used by the U.S government for many,many years.They did a lot animal and disease testing.There are rumors that they also housed the most deadly viruses in our world .As of right now the federal government wants to sell the island but Connecticut has asked for an injunction on the sell of the island .

Now this I saved for last Dudleytown also known as the Dark Forest.Dudleytown is considered on of the most haunted places in the country . Dudleytown was founded sometime in the mid 1700s by three brothers from England .The curse seemed to have started just a short time after they started it . There was a family wiped out by sickness , an attack on the town by local Indians. Children were reported kidnapped and Nathaniel Cater was killed in the attacked along with his wife an child .It didn’t stop there .General Heman Swift who served in the Revolutionary War wife was walking through town and was hit by lighting .Tragedy continued to follow the town for about maybe 60 yrs before it became a ghost town . The last was when John Brophy and his family.His wife died his kids disappeared and he burned his house down to the ground.
They say that the three brothers had been cursed by the King of England King Henry VIII for trying to overthrow him which followed them here .Today Dudleytown is a ghost town set back in the woods left the same way it was. People who have visited there say you can hear people talking ,screaming and see shadows and orbs .If you visit there make sure you take plenty of flashlights so that you don’t get lost in the dark .

What do you look for in your ideal man ??

Many of us have an idea on the perfect guy .Here are some of my thoughts on this .

1)He’s fun to be with even when doing nothing .

2) That he’s his own person ,and allows you to be to also.

3)Open ,doesn’t have an issue talking about anything.

4)Being able to trust him and him me .

5) That he’s sensitive and cares about things around us .

6)Somewhat of a bad boy.

7) A guy that can compromise sometimes with you .

8)One that when you argue with that argues fairly .

9) Being able to show respect .

10)That he has a good heart deep down inside .

11) That he has passions and dreams .

12) Smart.

13)Sexy in his own way.

14)Not afraid to stand up for himself or for others

15)That he can make me smile.


17)Supportive and is there when you need him.

18) Is a partner to me .

19) Is my friend .

20)Most important of all is that he loves me.

The Magical Number 5

The number 5 has always been regardes as mystical and magical.

We have 5 fingers and toes on each of our hands and feet.We have five senses, sight, smell,touch and taste .We also have stages in our lifes.Birth,adolescence,coitus,parenthood and death.

In Christianity there are 5 wounds on Jesus on the cross .There are also five books of Moses.And, there are also 5 letters in the words Jesus and Moses .In Islam there are also 5 pillars of faith and Muslims have 5 daily prayers .

The number 5 is also associated with the planet Mars .It signifies serverity ,conflict and harmony through conflicts .

There are also 5 elements for life .

Earth- symbolic of stability and physical endurance.
Fire- symbolic of courage and daring.
Water- represents intelligence and arts.
Spirit- all in one .

The elements can also respresnt various engeries,spirits or dieties. It can also be used as part of an awakening of our conscious mind to the beginning of our own human psyche and then moving the realms of physical form and to explore the infinite possibilities that exist with our universe

What’s Wrong With Some Parents

   In today’s society, so many people ask “What’s wrong with kids today”.A much better question is “What’s wrong with some parents today”

As parents we are suppose to be on the same page with one an other in reguards to certain general concepts when it comes to children.To teach them manners , rescept for others ,and to be responsible for their actions .

But what happens when the parents don’t instill these values, and are sometimes worse then their children? Its understandable where some kids are learning it from when the adult’s dont’t set a better example .

We all know kids will be kids,and that they make mistakes.Sometimes you run into parents that have a “No not my child” attidude , or the growing number of parents who really just don’t care .Granted some should never had children but their here.

You hope as a parent that your children can grow up never having any issues.You also hope that if your child has issues with an other child ,that you would be able to speak to the other parents.It’s nice to think in theory,but it’s not the truth.

There are some that instead of trying to work out a solution , they actually would rather get into a fight with you .These are the same people who have no clue about what their kids are doing in the first place or what  type of people their turning out to be .These kids are only learning things that will only get them certain places.Jail,death,early pregnancy , drugs and the streets .

We are seeing an increase of violence in our children.I won’t sit here and blame media,video games or music for this .It’s a cop to blame things on that . A child’s first teacher is their parents .

It’s our responsibility to into instill in them to be best people that they can be and to care about each other .Kids are remarkable Little People .

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